Roll Of The Dice

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Roll Of The Dice She’s always been pretty – the talk of the town Out in her sports car with the top down And I’m always searchin’ for just the right girl Could she be the one out of all in the world CHO There will always be ladies searchin’ for riches There will always be rogues lookin’ for love Laughing at life, it’s a roll of the dice She’ll be gone in the morning I know She waves as she passes – flips her blond hair She parks just ahead – gives me a stare My heart is pumping – I’m starting to sail Praying that this time nothing will fail CHO I hop in her car – we don’t go far Just to my place – I unhook her lace She dresses at sunrise – her smile says it’s time A night full of loving turns into a lie CHO p.2006


Produced, performed and recorded by Bill Madison


Singer Songwriter


All Rights Reserved
Roll Of The Dice
Roll Of The Dice
  • Roll Of The Dice

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