Eye Of The Storm

from Roll Of The Dice

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Buy Now End of a \"stormy\" relationship.I always thought that this would be a good James Bond movie song.


ye Of The Storm I love ya baby – you won’t believe I need your lovin’ but you just wanna leave You hide in silence - I live in hell I need ya baby – but how the storm swells You’ve got your reasons – God only knows I feel so helpless standing where the wind blows The clouds are becoming darker – hard rains are gonna fall I need you baby as the winds begin to squal CHO Livin’ in the eye of the storm – Livin’ in the eye of the storm No place to run – no place to hide Livin’ in the eye – the eye of the storm It’s just a season – a time of the year We must get ready to deal with the fear The wind is growing stronger – it cuts you to the quick You can’t wait any longer – it hits you like a brick The trees are bending over as I drive you to the plane Rain so hard upon the windshield the wipers work in vain We sit in silence staring – listening to the storm I need you baby, but soon you will be gone CHO p.2008


Produced, performed and recorded by Bill Madison


Singer Songwriter


All Rights Reserved
Eye Of The Storm
Eye Of The Storm
  • Eye Of The Storm

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August 10th
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