Can't Stay Away

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Can’t Stay Away D A When the time came I asked her for her hand G A And I’ve been holding on to it since then D A My life changed and I did too G A D She gave me strength without me asking her to CHO G A D I can’t stay away from her to long Bm G Em A She’ll set me straight when I get home G D I see her face smiling in the twilight G A D When I get home it will be all right Three kids later she’s the heart of our home We’ve raised our kids and our love has grown Can’t you see how I adore her Because of her we’ve got so much life Still looking forward as we grow old There’s so much more to unfold I thank the day I took her hand Because of her there’s been so much love Written by Bill and Nancy Madison - p. 2013


Written by Bill and Nancy Madison Performed, produced and recorded by Bill Madison


Singer Songwriter


All Rights Reserved
Can't Stay Away
Can't Stay Away
  • Can't Stay Away

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November 20th
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